Handout 4: Classroom (1) [PDF]
Handout 5: Monkey bars (1) [PDF]
Handout 6: Playing soccer (1) [PDF]
Handout 7: School canteen (1) [PDF]
Handout 8: Classroom (2) [PDF]
Handout 9: Monkey bars (2) [PDF]
Handout 10: Playing soccer (2) [PDF]
Handout 11: School canteen (2) [PDF]
Handout 12: Teacher summary [PDF]



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Taking action against prejudice > Activity 4.1

Fair and unfair scenarios


  1. Show students the two versions of each of the scenarios depicted in Handouts 4-11 and initiate a discussion on appropriate behaviours. Note:Handout 12: Teacher summary [PDF] is included in the downloads to assist teachers.
  2. Ask students to rank the behaviour depicted in each scenario using "thumbs down" for negative scenarios and "thumbs up" for positive scenarios.
  3. Ask students to role play the positive scenarios (as depicted in Handouts 8-11).
  4. Students may colour in the positive scenarios. These may be displayed in the classroom.

Teacher notes

  1. This activity demonstrates ways of dealing with unfair situations.
  2. If necessary, enlarge Handouts 4-11 to A3 size.