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Taking action against prejudice > Activity 4.4

What can we do to help?


  1. Collect pictures of people in a variety of potentially difficult situations which are relevant to students' lives and appropriate for their age group, e.g.
    • a child crying
    • a lost child / new student at school
    • a parent doing housework
    • a teacher carrying lots of books
    • a student on crutches negotiating stairs
    • a baby with a dropped toy.
  2. Blutack four pictures onto a small turntable.
  3. Give each student a turn to spin the turntable.
  4. Ask students to examine whichever picture directly faces them.
  5. Encourage students to describe what they think is happening in the pictures, and ask what they could do for the people involved. Use a STOP THINK DO approach. Discuss ways in which students may assist that are appropriate for their age and to the context.
  6. Elicit divergent opinions and solutions. After all perceptions and discussions have been exhausted replace the photographs with another four and begin again.

Teacher notes

  1. This activity encourages students to feel empathy and feeling for others.
  2. Teachers should encourage students to analyse the situations and suggest how they could help.
  3. Teachers should endeavour to leave students with the knowledge that they can make a difference and an understanding of how they may do this safely and appropriately.

Source: Adapted from an activity, What can you do to help?, in HALL, Nada Saderman, Creative Resources for the Anti-bias Classroom, Delmar, 1999.