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Year 1

Taking action against prejudice > Activity 4.4

Class rules


  1. Ask students to reflect on all the work they have focussed on in previous lessons, including the fact that while we are all similar, we each have different experiences, qualities and strengths. Reflect on the nature of unfair and prejudiced behaviour.
  2. Write the word "Rules" on the board. Ask students what they understand about rules and why we have them. Try to draw out suggestions about rules ensuring safety and fairness.
  3. Tell students that you are going to draft a set of class rules that aism to ensure that all class members can feel safe and will be treated with respect and fairness so that they can learn and play together happily and safely. The rules will also aim to recognise students' differences so that their special qualities and strengths can be valued.
    As a class, develop the set of class rules. Discuss each one and its benefits. Record the rules on the board or on butcher's paper. Display the rules in the class. Provide each student with a copy of the class rules. Students may decorate their rules if they wish. Ask students to take rules home to explain to and share with parents, caregivers and other family members to canvass their opinions.
  4. Encourage students to share their families' responses to the class rules.

Teacher notes

  1. This activity aims to provide students with opportunities to understand the purpose of rules and to participate in decisions that affect their safety and well being.