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Year 1

Taking action against prejudice > Activity 4.5

Prejudice. No Way! poster


  1. Write "Prejudice. No way!" on the board and brainstorm all the words the students can think of associated with the topic.
  2. Discuss the words and group them into categories.
  3. Tell the students that you are going to construct a poster to communicate a message to the rest of the school about prejudice. Explain that first you will look at another poster to see what to do.
  4. Find a relevant poster to model the following elements. You may use the Harmony Day poster [JPG], a NAIDOC poster or similar poster of your choice.
    • shape
    • size
    • text
    • basic structure
    • background
    • colours
    • frame or border
    • graphics or photographs.

    Talk about the purpose of the poster and the audience.

  5. As a class, plan a poster based on the theme of anti-prejudice:
    • decide on what message you want to convey with the poster
    • decide on the shape (structure), background and information to be included (write, draft, edit and publish)
    • select materials to be used and appropriate pictures (photographs, drawings, paintings etc.)
    • consider the type of text used to be used - written, typed, font, size etc.
    • arrange and organise images and text for clarity of information, visual impact, balance, interest
    • add colour
    • design border.
  6. Ask students to construct a class or individual poster based on the agreed plan. The poster may be created digitally or by hand.
  7. Display poster(s) around the school.

Teacher notes

  1. This activity gives students an opportunity to review the work focussed on in previous lessons.