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Year 2

Taking action against prejudice

In this activity students explore the attributes of "a good person".

4.1: What makes a good person?


  1. Ask the class to reflect on the story Black like Kyra, white like me by Judith Vigna or similar text read in the last section. Ask the students to think about what made Christy a good friend to Kyra or alternatively ask them to think of how a good person may support a person who is being discriminated against. Ask students to suggest ways in which good people support each other.
  2. Ask the class to brainstorm a list of attributes and/or adjectives which describe a good person. List suggestions on the board or on butcher's paper to form a word bank.
  3. Using the word bank, ask students to design a class poster on "What makes a good person" and display the poster in the classroom.

Teacher notes

  1. Any text which explores the theme of prejudice may be used as a stimulus for this activity. Discussion questions may be adapted accordingly.