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Year 2

Taking action against prejudice

In this activity students create anti-prejudice posters for display around the school.

4.5: Prejudice. No Way! poster


  1. Discuss with students all that they have learnt about prejudice and discrimination and the harmful effects it can have on people and society.
  2. Divide students into small groups and ask each group to come up with ideas for an anti-prejudice poster that can be displayed around the school. The message is that unfair behaviours are unacceptable and that a friendly and safe environment is what makes a good school.
  3. Ask groups to create posters (or other promotional materials) which may then be collated into a collage or series of work called Prejudice. No way!


    Alternatively, reach consensus as a class about what should be contained in the poster and have groups contribute to the creation of one Prejudice. No way! poster.
  4. Display the finished poster or posters around the school.

Teacher notes

  1. Where this activity is used in isolation, some time will need to be devoted to defining prejudice and discrimination.