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Year 3

Taking action against prejudice

In this activity students consider an individuals rights and responsibilities.

4.1: A fair go for everyone


  1. Introduce the concept of rights to students explaining that everyone has a right to be treated fairly and a responsibility to ensure that they treat others fairly.
  2. Ask students to read Handouts 11 and 12 from the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board on rights and responsibilities.
  3. Lead a class discussion based on the handout in which students are asked to brainstorm what rights and responsibilities are the most important to them. Record students' responses on the board or on butcher's paper.
  4. Using Handout 13: Code of conduct, ask students to individually create their own codes of conduct for a community free from discrimination. e.g. I will try not to call other people rude names; to listen to other points of view; to stand up for students who are being discriminated against etc.
  5. When each student has completed their personal codes of conduct, have students read their codes to the class. Summarise the students' responses on the board or on butcher's paper.
  6. Using the summary, ask the class to create and decorate a class code of conduct which consolidates students' personal codes. Display the class code of conduct in the classroom.

Teacher notes

  1. When conducting this activity, ensure that students show respect for each other's personal resolutions.
  2. For more information on anti-discrimination laws in NSW, see