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Year 3

Taking action against prejudice

In this activity students are introduced to the United Nations International Declaration of Human Rights and to the notion that with rights come responsibilities.

4.2: Human rights


  1. Introduce the concept of human rights to students explaining that they are about ensuring that people can live the life they choose without fear or discrimination. e.g. the right to food and clean water; the right to education; health care; free speech.
  2. Distribute Handout 14: Human rights or display as an overhead transparency. Read through the handout ensuring that the meaning of each right is understood by students.
  3. Explain to the class that with every human right comes a responsibility for individuals to behave or allow others to behave in particular ways.
  4. Ask students to complete Handout 15: Human rights and responsibilities identifying the responsibilities which come with certain rights. Students may complete this activity individually, in pairs or in small groups.
  5. At the conclusion of the activity, ask students to share their ideas with the class. Record students' answers on the board or on butcher's paper.

Teacher notes

  1. Teachers may choose to select all or only a few of the human rights listed on Handout 14: Human rights to which students should match responsibilities.
  2. This activity may also be conducted as a whole class activity.